DXR Multi-Hit Ray Tracing, 2019-02-26

This package contains source and binary distributions of DXR Multi-Hit Ray Tracing, the example multi-hit GPU ray tracing application highlighted in:

  C. Gribble. "Multi-Hit Ray Tracing in DXR." Ray Tracing Gems, Ed. Haines & Akenine-Moller, New York: Apress, 2019.

A binary installer is available at:


The most recent stable source code release is available at:


Additionally, read-only access to the application development repository is available via HTTP with git:

  git clone http://www.rtvtk.org/code/DXR-MultiHitRayTracing.git

Unless otherwise stated directly in the source, this code is distributed under a BSD-style license (see LICENSE for more information).

Instructions for building and running the DXR-MultiHitRayTracing application are available in the README.

Last updated 2019-02-26