• Christiaan Gribble
  • Jeremy Fisher
  • Daniel Eby
  • Ed Quigley
  • Gideon Ludwig
  • Frank Serra
  • Andrew Claudy
  • Ethan Kerzner

Version history

  • v1.3.7 – 06 February 2014
    • Add cuPluginTemplate
    • Add Rayforce plugin collection
    • Improve RL file format
    • Add new RL ray types
    • Add support for multiple trees in rl::ImmediateMode
    • Add ability to handle multiple head rays per tree in RL
    • Add ‘seekto’ functionality to rlRenderer for oneshot rendering
    • Add support for multi-sampling ray visualization in rlRenderer
    • Add support for new RL ray types in rlRenderer
    • Improve scaling of visual elements generated by rlRenderer
    • Add support for comments in ‘shaders’ block of IW models
    • Add ability to override scene’s mesh and view files from command line
    • Improve functionality of interactive camera
    • Avoid copying runtime files unnecessarily during CMake configuration
    • Expose use of QPixmap for oneshot rendering during CMake configuration
    • Various bug fixes and general improvements
  • v0.9.7 – 22 January 2013
    • Add support for camera path recording and playback
    • Add oneshot rendering from command line
    • Add command line and per-plugin option processing
    • Add support for persistent configuration files
    • Add support for named objects in Wavefront OBJ loader (via ‘o’ tag)
    • Improve functionality of interactive camera
    • Add frame rate display while idling
    • Add exeption handling to some Core library components
    • Various bug fixes and general improvements
  • v0.7.6 – 08 October 2012
    • Add SimpleRT plugin collection
    • Add 2D/3D composition plugin
    • Add support for rl::ImmediateMode in rlRenderer
    • Add user-configurable mouse button actions
    • Add support for color mapping scalar values
    • Various bug fixes and general improvements
  • v0.6.0 – 12 August 2012
    • Initial public source code release
  • v0.6.0-prerelease – 8 August 2012
    • Initial public release of rtVTK binary installers


Prior to v0.6.0, rtVTK development was funded in part by research grants from the II-VI Foundation and the Grove City College Swezey Research Fund.

The Cornell Box model distributed with rtVTK is based on the original Cornell Box data provided by the Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics; please visit the Cornell Box web site at:


for more information.

Recent Posts

v1.3.7 now available

rtVTK v1.3.7 source code packages and binary installers for Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows systems are now available via the Downloads page.  In addition to a number of bug fixes and general improvements, this release includes a plugin template for invoking GPU kernels using the CUDA runtime API, a collection of plugins leveraging the Rayforce ray tracing engine, and several improvements to components supporting ray state visualization, among others.  The code is distributed under the BSD 3-Clause License; additional information is available in the README file.

Read-only access to the rtVTK development repository is also available via HTTP with git:

git clone http://www.rtvtk.org/code/rtVTK.git

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