The Ray Tracing Visualization Toolkit (rtVTK) is a collection of programming and visualization tools supporting visual analysis of ray-based rendering algorithms. rtVTK leverages layered visualization within the spatial domain of computation, enabling investigators to explore the computational elements of any ray-based renderer. Renderers utilize a library for recording and processing ray state, and a configurable pipeline of loosely coupled components allows run-time control of the resulting visualization. rtVTK enhances tasks in development, education, and analysis by enabling users to interact with a visual representation of ray tracing computations.

Read more about rtVTK in the i3D 2012 paper:

C. Gribble, J. Fisher, D. Eby, E. Quigley, and G. Ludwig. Ray Tracing Visualization Toolkit. In ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics & Games, March 2012.

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v1.3.7 now available

rtVTK v1.3.7 source code packages and binary installers for Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows systems are now available via the Downloads page.  In addition to a number of bug fixes and general improvements, this release includes a plugin template for invoking GPU kernels using the CUDA runtime API, a collection of plugins leveraging the Rayforce ray tracing engine, and several improvements to components supporting ray state visualization, among others.  The code is distributed under the BSD 3-Clause License; additional information is available in the README file.

Read-only access to the rtVTK development repository is also available via HTTP with git:

git clone http://www.rtvtk.org/code/rtVTK.git

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